Monday, April 18, 2011

Digital Dental X-Rays....Why They Are Safer

Digital X-Rays Have Less Radiation!

In today’s world of microwaves and cell phones it is no wonder that people are concerned about over-exposure to radiation.  However, did you know that with the new developments in technology digital dental x-rays have 99% LESS radiation than traditional x-rays?  That’s less harmful than being out in the sun for fifteen minutes without sunscreen!

How is this possible?  With digital x-rays there is a process called “collimation” in which the beam of radiation is reduced.  On the machine there is a lead-lined column which directs the beam of radiation to the small area being x-rayed and greatly reduces the amount of radiation that strays from that path.  This process, combined with a lead apron, reduces the amount of radiation to a patient so greatly that even pregnant women are safe to receive check-up x-rays!

Aside from the reduction in radiation, digital x-rays also have the benefit of producing an instantaneous image resulting in less waste to the environment by eliminating processors, developers and the need for film.  Also, as an added bonus, digital x-rays have a smaller and less sharp appliance for patient’s to bite down on fighting the impulse to gag.

So next time you’re in for your cleaning and check-up, don’t fear the radiation from your dental x-rays, fear your microwave oven!

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